HR Extension integrates comprehensive research with our experience to recruit talent of all levels and functions. As with most companies, transformation and change is the New Normal. Regardless of the transformation - acquisition, new market, consolidation, we help firms address their critical business needs and identify the world-class personnel needed to execute your strategy.

WHY HR Extension for Talent Search & Placement

Experience and expertise.  We understand the challenges and opportunities businesses are facing during today's economic climate.  Our dedicated team serve businesses small-to-large and across many vertical industries and functional disciplines.  The HR Extension team members have served as internal recruitment professionals and understand the true needs of businesses from the client’s perspective – this is a major differentiator that HR Extension has to offer.

We understand the wide range of skills candidates need to help drive companies forward depending on size, type and maturity of your business.  In fact: over 40% of new executives fail within the first 18-months of hire, mostly due to poor fit. HR Extensions believes this is primarily due to a breakdown in the hiring process. We ensure the process of evaluation is comprehensive because it's quite costly for misfires.

Our client partnerships are grounded in building the future of your business. We develop exact plans to attract, hire and ensure future leaders are through strategic job assignments, targeted learning experiences, coaching, and succession management.

HR Extension is a unique high-performance recruitment firm delivering retained search solutions at an affordable fee. Our roots are in helping startups and mid-sized companies scale growth. HR Extension approaches every assignment with a focus on knowledge, efficiency, fairness, and intelligence. 

We can offer valuable and economical Retained Recruitment solutions. How can we provide such a high-quality solution at an economical?  Our leadership has had 15+ years of working inside the corporate world and as an external recruitment resource.  HR Extension has been able to assess the pain points of both sides, how the client and the search firm perceives a successful hire, and what pricing model will meet the needs of the both the client and search firm.  HR Extension came up with economical packages that will satisfy the client and afford HR Extension to handle projects with high-quality results.

Finally, we provide straight-forward consultative solutions approach. This means that we provide honest feedback and counsel concerning every aspect of the recruiting process. Staying aligned with our partners helps HR Extension retain the A-list talent that your business deserves.

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Finding the right talent and landing the right candidate means finding the best partner.

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted getting the best candidates. Capacity planning has also caused businesses to rethink hiring continually.  

As we enter a changing era of work, talent acquisition, talent recruitment, and talent retention have become priorities for every many businesses. To handle the hiring manager's evolving needs and facilitate a shift in focus to skills-based over more traditional role-filling, HR Extension is your trusted advisor. Our focus is on developing talent management strategies to attract the right people to take your organization into the future. Our team combines several core human capital competencies: recruitment, talent acquisition, hiring, and human resources. We can manage the entire talent management process, from sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding successful candidates.

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