Employee Classification & Compensation Assessments

  • Employee classification and compensation assessments help organizations evaluate if employees are competitively and fairly compensated according to their job classification and consistent with duties, hard/soft skills, and position requirements.  Having strong Human Resource policies governing compensation begins with having sound data collected by these assessments.   

Human Resources Function Evaluation
Top to bottom or Bottom to Top or on an individual program basis.

  • HR Extension's HR studies assess functional areas or on much larger scale reviews of the entire Human Resource department.  HR Extension helps organizations better understand how their HR policies comply with federal and state laws.  We also conduct a wide variety of evaluations and recommend enhancements ranging from, but not limited to, recruitment, promotions, employee performance appraisals, racial diversity, and employee reward systems.  

Change Management, Organizational Reviews, and Development

  • Change today is rapid and current.  With the Covid-19 pandemic, and prolonged recovery, uncertainty is a constant and challenges companies to remain focused, yet, agile as markets shift.  HR Extension has provided organizational performance, efficiency, and effectiveness assessments. improvement recommendations, and implementation of those improvements for more than a decade. Our evaluations are comprehensive, assessing processes, resource allocations, staff development, and utilization, and peer analysis.  Services are beneficial before and during leadership transitions, program deployments, reorganizations, or company acquisitions.   

Executive & Management Recruiting

  • We provide organizations that are hiring with an expert resource to canvas wide and deep industries and leverage the latest recruiting technology platforms to and techniques recruit the best candidates to hire. Our philosophy is to build relationships and develop a deep understanding of their search to deliver the "best in class" match. graph here.Type your paragraph here.

Employee Journey, Employee Engagement, Employee Experience

  • We provide organizations a complete assessment of their employees' entire journey from pre-hire to post-hire and develop recommendations and programs to improve employee engagement and experiences, to improve the organization's brand and improve talent acquisition and retentions, and to create a work environment that employees will brag about to their friends and family.

Human capital management is an essential driver of organizational performance.

Driving organizational performance requires a serious approach to Human capital management. Employee classes and compensation assessments are vital to recruiting and retain the best talent. Combined with our strategic consulting expertise, HR Extension helps organizations compete, evolve, and endure today's uncertain marketplace.  

HR Extension leverages a human capital management framework that begins with careful evaluation of internal and external forces that impact your company's overall success in reaching its mission, achieving its strategic goals, and resulting in successful outcomes. The framework also considers how innovative your technology stack measures in supporting employee roles and defined processes.  Process and technology measure operational effectiveness, and the Human Capital Management framework conceptually model peer-to-peer assessments.

HR Extension advises organizations by leveraging this framework to provide data-driven decisions, workforce problems, and select and integrate the right technology to recruit and retain the best and brightest talent.

Human Capital Management Consultation

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