Career & Life Journey Coach

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Feeling frustrated with your career or life? Uncertain about a new role and the additional skills needed? Are you worried about how to navigate the pandemic?  Are you trapped in a downward spiraling career and not sure where to go?     

Many HR Extension clients find they need to develop or enhance skills, re-invent themselves, or re-calibrate their journey with renewed confidence to tackle new career or life changes or challenges, particularly when they come to a crossroad - job loss, promotion, relocation, new home, birth, marriage, divorce  - anything that puts their world into spin.

Crossroads are part of life’s adventure and partnering with a coach helps individuals produce the most fulfilling results because they have an inspiring Career & Life Journey Coach.  What are your aspirations?  Do you need to increase Life-Work balance to lead a fulfilling life? How do you develop results-driven confidence to take on new career or life challenges without sacrificing your greater purpose?  Often, people find their short-term goals and long-term vision do not match up.  Or they are stuck on a road with several obstacles and need clarity on forging plan forward.  HR Extensions is ready to get you started on personal journey of discovery that involves the career AND life of your dreams.

To learn more about what coaching can do for your lifestyle and career, contact HR Extension.  We offer several coaching packages and can customize them to your unique needs.

We bring insight, clarity, and discovery to your career and life’s goals. 

A career & life coach offers individuals a partner. A mentor. Someone who engages in a thought-provoking and creative manner to bring about inspiration so you can maximize your personal and professional potential. HR Extension offers life experience combined with professional expertise to unlock your creativity, resourcefulness, hard and soft skills necessary to control your career & life journey.  

A coach helps offer unfiltered insight, clarity, and objective advice so you can find fulfillment in your professional and personal life.  Many are one in the same for executives.  Insight, clarity, and joint discovery are crucial areas for us working together to find fulfillment and meaning in your personal and work life.


  • Help our clients Define Your Personal Foundation by taking them through a personal and organic process to extract their unexpressed potential, identify their unique purpose, and show them how to align to that purpose in order to live a magical and fulfilling life.
  • Work with our clients to Identify their True Calling by guiding them through a process to design their desired future, life, and career = their Compelling Future; and define the top immediate goals to begin their journey toward that desired ideal end goal.

  • Help each client Developing, Setting, and Planning their Goals to enhance and energize their journey with specific proven systems the will draw out a successful executable action plan to bring their goals to fruition.

  • Provide Job Search Assistance for our clients by amplifying their resume, enhancing their LinkedIn profile, creating job search cadences and strategies, coaching on optimizing their activity on LinkedIn to build their brand and get noticed, job search and networking support, and interview preparation to ensure they land the job they desire that would invigorate their career journey.

  • Educate our clients in the importance of a Mindset that Drives them Forward so that they can move toward their compelling future by helping them identify their limiting beliefs, showing them how to replace those beliefs with courage, and how to build and maintain the right mindset.